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That's a wrap!

Thanks to the GFSI Steering Committee!
From 'Global Food Safety Initiative' to 'Interplanetary Food Safety Initiative'?

Food rituals are deeply human
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There is something deeply human about the ritual, the quality of food. You can think of a human just as a machine that needs a daily amount of molecules and energy to operate, but in reality that doesn’t work.
Angelo Vermeulen
Space Systems Researcher, Biologist and Artist
What the food industry can learn from space - and vice versa

Our closing keynote speaker, Angelo Vermeulen, Space Systems Researcher, Biologist and Artist, is on stage now. Check out his recent guest post on the GFSI blog!

What the Food Industry Can Learn from Space — and Vice Versa


Food safety around the periphery

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One of the challenges of cruise ships is that they are kind of a semi-closed environment, so we get treated very much like a residential home in terms of infection control and the work we do in environmental health. We get inspected a lot. If you move around the world, then every country you come to can come do an inspection. Ships, we do sometimes suffer from overinspection, but it keeps us on our toees.
Mel Skipp
Director, Public Health Policy & Programs, Carnival Corporation & plc
Glorious food future

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We sell more than a billion meatballs on a yearly basis, and for every meatball that we can convert into a plant ball or a veggie ball, we can of course reduce CO2 emissions. GFSI plays a vital role in how we secure these validation activities. It is a big enabler in the basic requirements for how we work.
Jesper Juul Andersen
Category Area Manager, IKEA Food
Now's the time to collaborate and take action
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GFSI, the SDGs and World Food Safety Day

We need to look upstream and downstream more than ever

Supporting the transition of food systems

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It's our responsibility to raise our voices on how the new legislative framework for sustainability can best support the transition of food systems, and rest assured that we do.
Annelise Fenger
Deputy Director General, Danish Veterinary and Food Administration (DVFA)
Food safety is not one-dimensional

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How can what we produce be good for the planet if it ends up as waste because it is unsafe? Efforts and alliances are required from all of us here, from risk assessors to risk managers, from farm to fork.
Raquel Medeiros
Head of Food Safety - Chemical Contaminants and Packaging, Nestlé
Solving problems at the crossroads of food safety and sustainability

We kick off day 3 of GFSI 2022 with the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture exploring the work being done to promote a smart, resilient and diversified agricultural sector that guarantees food security against the backdrop of climate change.

News from GFSI 2022 Day 2

With Day 2 of #gfsi22 now behind us, check out our session highlights and catch up on the day’s brilliant talks and compelling exchanges.

Final day of #gfsi22

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