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Our work in benchmarking and harmonisation fosters mutual acceptance of GFSI-recognised certification programmes across the industry and enables a simplified “once certified, accepted everywhere” approach.

Our Benchmarking Requirements for Certification Programme Owners help reduce inefficiencies within the food industry from duplication of food safety audits and helps reduce trade barriers. Meanwhile, our new set of Benchmarking Requirements for Professional Recognition Bodies, launched in November 2021, help auditors demonstrate their competence to the food safety certification eco-system through a single registration to a  GFSI-recognised Professional Recognition Body of their choice, eliminating the needs for redundant verifications.

The GFSI Benchmarking process is now the most-widely recognised in the food industry worldwide and is benefiting businesses around the world while also supporting the future of food safety auditors.

Benchmarking Requirements for CPOs

GFSI recognition offers a passport to the global market, both for the recognised Certification Programme Owners (CPOs) and the companies that they certify. In order to be recognised by GFSI, CPOs must verify that they meet the Benchmarking Requirements.

Pilot: Benchmarking Requirements for PRBs

We recently announced the launch of the first live pilot of our Benchmarking Requirements for Food Safety Auditors’ Professional Recognition Bodies (PRBs), following a successful consultation period. The new Benchmarking Requirements will be trialled through a pilot with Exemplar Global, who applied to become a GFSI-recognised PRB, and volunteering CPOs who will test the new model including FSSC 22000, BRC Global and SQFI. Click below to read the full announcement.

GFSI-Recognised CPOs
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