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The New GFSI GMaP™

What it is

The new GFSI Global Markets Programme, GmaP™ is a programme specifically designed to assist Food Business Operators (FBOs) in addressing supply chain issues to self-assess their food safety capabilities based on CODEX Alimentarius.

Why it Matters

Focused on primary production and manufacturing activities, the new GFSI GMaP™ contains a toolkit which includes a food safety checklist and associated protocols, and training and competency frameworks. These are free to use and download, in the true spirit of the GFSI mission of ‘Safe Food for People Everywhere’.

A Commitment to Food Safety Capability-Building

Part of a bolder vision for GFSI to support future food-safety capability-building, the new GFSI GMaP™ toolkit forms the inaugural part of an ambitious three-year transition plan by GFSI to further support FBOs in their food safety journey, in line with the transformational framework unveiled during the GFSI Conference in Atlanta 2023.

GFSI GMaP™ is built on shared principles:

  • Strengthening food safety networks
  • Collectively building a global food safety community, serving joint concerns
  • Collaboration across barriers and borders
  • Driving GFSI’s shared mission ‘Safe Food for People Everywhere.’

Is This a Certification Programme?

There are multiple ways that FBOs are driven to evidence their food safety capabilities. The GFSI GMaP™ toolkit is not itself a food safety standard and should not form the basis of any food safety audit.

Utilised as part of a wider set of food safety protocols, use of GMaP™ can demonstrate a commitment to enhancing the user’s business capability to trade internationally, or domestically, with current partners, CGF members – and beyond.

How do I Access the New GFSI GMaP?

By clicking on the link below you will be directed to an online portal where you will be able to set up a user account. Once registered, you will be asked to complete an application form and indicate your agreement to the new GFSI GMaP™ Terms and Conditions of use.

Following successful completion of the online application and agreement to the terms and conditions, you will be directed to your online space and will be able to download the new GFSI GMaP™ toolkit of your choice: Primary production or Manufacturing.

The new GFSI GMaP™ toolkit is traceable via a unique identifier to enable GFSI to protect the toolkit against brand abuse or non-authorised use. The accompanying GFSI GMaP™ Style Guide sets out the simple do’s and don’ts of required toolkit brand use.

Access the GFSI GMaP™ Toolkits
For further guidance on the process to access the toolkits, please consult our FAQs page or contact us for further information.
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