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That's a wrap for Day 1!

Grab a seat and join us!


Plenty of calls to action from our GFSI EMEA Local Group! Alec Kyriakides, Food Safety Consultant, Former Sainsbury’s Head of Technical Operations and GFSI Local Group Technical Consultant; Lindsay Hay, Director Quality Assurance and GFSI EMEA Local Group Co-Chair, PepsiCo; Caroline Easterbrook, Head of WW Fresh, Grocery & Private Label Food Safety, Amazon

Opportunities to grow food safety culture in developed economies too


Mark Burgham, Consultant to GFSI and Technical Advisor, US-Canada Local Group and Andrew Clarke, Senior Director Quality Assurance and Technical Support, Loblaw Companies Limited presented the work of GFSI’s US-Canada Group, along with a clear call to action for new members to join the movement!

A lot of interest to work with GFSI

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There’s no doubt about it: You have to be able to make sure that the assurance and verification processes that you have for food safety can withstand the enormous pressure they’ve been under. It’s sort of the relentlessness of it that has been quite marked, and it’s just ongoing.
Frances Freeman
Technical Consultant, GFSI
An active region, with dynamic challenges and enthusiastic Local Groups


Esther Diaz, GFSI Consultant, LatAm; Erika Rodriguez, General Manager, Latin America, CGF; and José Roberto Goncalves, Corporate Quality Director, BRF Brazil & Co-Chair of the GFSI South LatAm Local Group discuss the priorities for their region: harmonising standards; building food safety capabilities; public private partnerships.

Food safety can only be anchored to a global standard

Government support for capability building

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Since last June, the government has started enforcing HACCP to all FBOs in Japan. I’m really happy to see this development because it shows the government supports building capability for FBOs in Japan.
Tsutomu Okubo
Senior Manager, GFSI; Kazuaki Miyagishima, Advisor, AEON Co., Ltd
It's really about best practice sharing

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China would like to contribute to help build knowledge together, not only to learn from you, but also to build knowledge for you.
Jie Xu
Danone Food Safety Scientific Affairs and Greater China Director, GFSI China Local Group Operating Committee Vice-Chair
GFSI: a unique opportunity for local companies and global companies to connect

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GFSI provides a unique opportunity for local companies and global companies operating in China to connect. I really appreciate that GFSI gives us insight and knowledge exchange. Personally, I think that’s the biggest benefit for me, and I think I’ve learned a lot of things from you, from the platform, from all the stakeholders.
Kelvin Chen
Head of QA, METRO Commerce Group and Wumart Tech, GFSI China Local Group Operating Committee Co-Chair
World Café

GFSI 2022 delegates are now exploring what food safety looks like around the world at the #gfsi22 World Café! GFSI Local Groups are sharing plans, achievements and methods for success. We are learning about their key role in providing regional connections and the know-how required to implement objectives on the ground.

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I love this quote from Thomas Edison: ‘Vision without execution is hallucination.’ Local groups are here to stop us from hallucinating.
Cliona Murphy
Vice President of Global Quality Assurance, PepsiCo
Remember in-person networking?
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A call to action for you

Questions: Do you think those are the right Sustainable Development Goals (1, 2, 6 and 12)? How should the industry address these issues? What role can GFSI play in supporting the industry in addressing those Sustainable Development Goals?

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GFSI is going to launch a poll to everyone in the community and ask you to help answer those three questions. We will then present the outcomes of the call to action on World Food Safety Day on 7 June. #WFSD #GFSI #SDGs
Erica Sheward
Director, GFSI, The Consumer Goods Forum
UN agencies in full force at GFSI 2022
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Deputy Director WFP: The SDGs are for all of us

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I think the Sustainable Development Goals are for all of us. They are global. All of humanity basically has signed up for these. Zero hunger and food security is at the heart of the work. Unfortunately, we see that with the recent impact of COVID-19, conflict, climate change and what’s going on in Ukraine, a lot of the gains that we’ve seen over the previous decade have been lost. I don’t think we could have imagined the size and scale of these needs. An important part of getting to zero hunger is making sure that the food getting to people is safe and of high quality. With emergencies, we’re operating at a pace that’s a challenge. We need to get food to people as quickly as possible, but without compromising on safety. Partnerships are really integral to our work. We recognise that if we’re going to get to zero hunger and get to where we need to be on food safety, we’re not going to get there on our own.
Amir Mahmoud ABDULLA
Deputy Executive Director World Food Programme (WFP)
GFSI's collaboration with the United Nations
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GFSI is committed to collaborating with the UN. It’s a key part of our strategy and has been for years. GFSI wants to build food safety capability around the world so that consumers have access to safe food and companies have access to the global market. If you look at what we’re trying to do on both fronts and at the same time meeting our other commitments, particularly to consumers, it is very important for us to have collaboration. We created this forum called the Government-to-Business (G2B) Forum, where we are getting UN agencies and regulators around the table. We think through that collaboration we can do more than is written in our respective food safety strategies.
Dirk Van de Put
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Mondelēz International
Great questions from the audience at Ask GFSI!

Make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss any GFSI news and updates!

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The GFSI Community Reunites!
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The first morning of GFSI 2022 is already done!
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Building a Recall Ready Community: Creating a Culture of Transparency, Speed, and Trust

Check out this GFISI blog post from Ecolab’s Natalie Seymour: Sustainable Food Safety in a Changing Labor Market

Pest Traceability: Monitoring your International Supply Chain

Check out this post from Judy Black on the GFSI blog: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Pest Control and Organic Facilities

World Food Programme: food safety is embedded in everything we do

Steve Wearne: Let's commit together to a renewed collaboration with GFSI

“My ask to you is that we together commit to a renewed collaboration with GFSI, looking beyond the relatively few standards we’ve worked on together in the past few years into a broader range of potential collaboration, because there’s so much we can do together.”

Our vision is plain and simple: Safe food for all people at all times.

World Health Organization: food safety is everyone’s business

We greatly welcome the presence of the UN agencies at GFSI 2022

Learn more about GFSI's strategic priorities

To add onto this morning’s panel with GFSI leadership, tomorrow’s plenary on GFSI’s Strategic Priorities will dive deeper into current priorities. GFSI Steering Committee just closed three days of meetings to share progress. Press Release.

GFSI leadership explains current agenda

The food industry has stepped up to the challenge

GFSI and the SDGs

Over 600 delegates from 50 countries

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Like many of you, seeing treasured friends for the first time in two years, I still can’t quite believe it. I still can’t quite get my head around the fact that after a life-changing pandemic, GFSI has managed to bring us together for a real-life, non-Zoom event. The COVID-19 pandemic has touched us all: the old and the young, those near and dear, close friends and family. In the past two years, many of us have lost those we loved, those we respected, and those we held in the highest esteem. In short, our lives will never, ever be the same again, but with every horrendous challenge comes an incredible community, and my goodness, the GFSI community has stepped up!
Erica Sheward
GFSI Director
GFSI director gives inspirational welcoming address

A word from CGF managing director

GFSI moderator Isabelle Kumar kicks things off

It's showtime!

It’s showtime! The in-person GFSI Conference is back and opening with GFSI Director Erica Sheward welcoming the #gfsi22 audience along with CGF MD Wai-Chan Chan introduced by Presenter & Journalist Isabelle Kumar.

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