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Logo Usage

GFSI does not grant any automatic rights to its contributors and other stakeholders to use its logo (“GFSI logo” and its variations). GFSI strictly prohibits its contributors and other stakeholders to use the GFSI logo without prior permission and in any manner that suggests or implies that GFSI has endorsed or approved of the activities, products and/or services of the organisation, or that GFSI is the source of any such activities, products and/or services.

Specifically, please note that the following requests for uses will not be granted nor are they permitted:

  • any use of the logo suggesting or implying an accreditation / certification or seal of approval for activities, services and/or products;
  • any use of the logo as a component of an organisation’s own logo, trademark or other branding elements;
  • any use of the logo for the promotion or advertising of products, services and other activities intended to solicit business;
  • any use of the logo as a permanent graphical element of stationery, business cards, or other variably utilised print materials.
  • any use of the logo in relation to the Global Markets Programme of variations thereof

ln any case, for all proposed uses of the GFSI logo, permission must be sought in advance from the GFSI Director by email on gfsinfo@theconsumergoodsforum.com

Name usage

Anyone may use the name “GFSI” or “Global Food Safety Initiative” in a general way but only as it relates specifically to our work and this should be referenced to GFSI directly. No company or other organisation shall be authorised to use GFSl’s name for the promotion, advertisement or marketing of its products or services. You must seek permission from the GFSI Directly for public references to GFSI

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