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GFSI's Science and Technology Advisory Group

Collaborating with academia
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Universities play a key role in attracting people into the industry. We need to work closely with industry to make sure that the curricula we’re developing are suitable for the work that our students want to go into.
Dr. Richard Fuchs
PhD, Food Safety Specialist, Programme Leader, MSc Applied Food Safety and Quality Management Natural Resources Institute (NRI), University of Greenwich
Carving out a career path
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We need to remember that we are in competition with other big sectors, and that's really difficult because the food sector is 95% SMEs, they're those small or micro businesses, and it's really difficult to carve out a career path, compared to say, being able to see very clearly in automotive, aerospace or telecommunications.
Jon Poole
Chief Executive, Institute of Food Science & Technology (IFST)
We need more people in food safety

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From my experience, people are in the food industry at the moment because they have fallen into it, and not really because of a defined career path. But I think once people come into the food industry, and once they get over the initial shock of the pace of it and what you do in the food industry, I think people do stay their whole career. They do it with passion. They want to make the industry better and make it safe and more sustainable.
James Wilkins
Managing Director and Senior Recruitment Consultant CPA Recruitment
Food safety professionals do a mammoth task

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If your profession is involved in protecting the consumer from injury or harm, and you are applying that to food, you are a food safety professional. That is a very broad church of individuals from academia, the consumer area, regulators, industry service providers, and a whole host of others. The food safety professional of today has to operate in an environment that has all of these other elements around it: quality, ethical, sustainable, commercial, digital, and it is a mammoth task and they have to be superhuman to be able to operate in that environment and that space.
Alec Kyriakides
Food Safety Consultant, Former Sainsbury’s Head of Technical Operations and GFSI Local Group Technical Consultant
Over 600 delegates from 50 countries reuniting in Barcelona!
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GFSI is unique in enabling public-private collaboration

Peter Wend provides #gfsi22 delegates with an overview of the organisation’s innovative approach for food safety regulation to ensure a high level of protection of human-animal health and for the environment. He also calls for more data sharing and collaboration.

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It is very important to collaborate with public and private sectors, and I think GFSI is very unique in that it helps us to communicate with the private sector. So I think it’s the most important thing we have to do now to support the private sector.
Peter Wend
Head of Unit, Federal Office of Consumer Protection and Food Safety, Germany
Innovating to increase quality international food trade

Tech and innovation cannot replace individuals

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People are still vital to food safety. Tech and innovation cannot replace individuals. We still need food safety experts within our business.
Janet Cox
Associate Director of Food Safety & Compliance, HelloFresh International
Your employees are digital natives - meet with them on their terms

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What has happened in the last two years, we have been forced to go digital. And this has changed the way we look at education, it's changed the way we think, in a good way. I think the problem would be to go back. I think we need to go forward. We need to seize what we've learned, as parents, as businessmen, as trainers, as educators, and move forward with what we have.
Jim Clark
President, Smrt English
Innovating across the food safety ecostystem

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As an organisation we're guilty of having a ton of requirements, and obviously we've got vendors around the world that provide lots and lots of products to us, thousands of vendors. Our standards are either English or French. So if you're supplying us from a country where English (or French) isn't your first language, you're not really understanding what's in these documents.
Andrew Clarke
Senior Director Quality Assurance and Technical Support, Loblaw Companies Limited
Trust, transparency and enhanced confidence in GFSI

Refresher course on benchmarking

It's great to be back in-person!

We know GFSI 2022 has plenty of great insights on offer, but lets not forget the importance of networking and how great it is being back at an in-person conference. Thanks to all who made the decision to come see us live!

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The challenges of becoming - and remaining - an auditor

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When candidates realise how much it takes to become - and remain - an auditor, it’s a big challenge to the motivation, and lots of them are basically resigning, and this is how we lose many good auditors. It’s a great job, but it comes with all kinds of challenges and a very challenging lifestyle.
Przemysław Tronina
CEO and Co-Founder, Auditors HUB
A new model of auditor training and professional development

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For the auditors in the audience, registration to a professional recognition body of your choice, among those GFSI recognised, will replace the repetitive checks and balances you have to go through today.
Marie-Claude Quentin
GFSI Senior Technical Manager, CGF
Chile Food Safety Agency: we want to strengthen the presence of GFSI

We want to collaborate with GFSI in Korea

WFP: a more tailored type of support is needed
The case for change: capability building strategy

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We saw overwhelming participation in our stakeholder consultations and surveys. We also did workshops with regulators and intergovernmental agencies during our G2B meetings. They all told us that we need to unlock more potential for our work on capability building.
Anne Gerardi
Senior Project Manager, GFSI, The Consumer Goods Forum
GFSI's vision: safe food for consumers everywhere

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By now you must already know this about GFSI: that our mission is to provide safe food for consumers everywhere. In order to accomplish these goals, GFSI is organised into three pillars: capability building, public private partnerships and harmonisation. To drive progress against the SDGs, food safety capability must be developed. At GFSI, our goal is to create and advance food safety capability.
Tom Wiester
Vice President, Global Food Safety & Science Affairs, Starbucks Coffee Company
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