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In today’s interconnected world, multi-stakeholder collaboration is needed to make a difference across global supply chains. We believe that partnerships between the private and public sectors are very important to achieve our vision of safe food for consumers everywhere.

GFSI is leading a growing dialogue with regulators and governments to share the achievements of the private sector and to promote recognition by regulators of private sector food safety assessments. We have also started several projects for large-scale collaboration on food safety.

Once again it is our ability to act as a global convener for food safety collaboration that puts GFSI at the forefront of public-private partnerships. We are delighted to be paving the way for further collaboration in order to harmonise and strengthen food safety systems around the world.

Our Partners

 G2B Meetings, Hosted by GFSI 

The G2B Meeting (Government-to-Business) is an extraordinarily unique platform, where governments and intergovernmental organisations come together in a room with the private sector and discuss common opportunities to advance food safety around the globe.

Since its genesis in 2016, the G2B Meeting has grown into an unparalleled global forum, with 125 participants including 29 national governments, 38 governmental agencies, 10 Intergovernmental Organisations and the companies on the GFSI Board of Directors.

Participants look for synergies and identify opportunities to collaborate, based on the understanding that food safety must be a shared responsibility, and a realisation that we are more effective working together than working apart.

Participating stakeholders from the public sector are food safety agencies, national food control authorities, ministries of health, agriculture and commerce from all over the world representing the five continents and multilaterals and bilaterals such as the World Bank, CODEX, IICA and the GFSI Board of Directors.

G2B Meetings
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