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23-25 MARCH 2021

The GFSI Conference


The industry’s annual rendezvous to advance food safety globally

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Food Safety: Rethink, Reset, Recharge

It would be fair to say that the food and beverage industry has faced some of its biggest challenges over the past months, as the COVID-19 pandemic has led to sudden and significant disruptions in traditional processes. Around the globe, it is inspiring to see so many examples of our industry stepping up to the challenge of keeping the world safely fed. From frontline workers to those labouring behind the scenes, food safety heroes deserve all the support we can offer. And the need for connection and collaboration has never been higher. 

That’s why we are delighted to bring the GFSI Conference to you virtually, respecting the safety of our global community while continuing to advance food safety and consumer trust worldwide. And are we ever excited about the innovative and immersive experience we have in store for you!

Joining the virtual GFSI Conference means—

  • stepping into an easy-to-navigate 3D world and connecting with the global community, interacting with delegates through voice, video and movement in real time no matter where you are in the world.
  • moving freely around the conference, exhibits and after-hours events with your personalised avatar bumping into old acquaintances and forming new ones through a variety of both spontaneous and organised networking opportunities – all while reducing your carbon footprint and registration costs.

Be sure to book the 23rd to 25th March in your agenda now and register now to secure your ticket. Please stay tuned to GFSI News (via email, our website or social media) for additional details and updates. As we all work to adapt and thrive in the new normal, now is the moment to Rethink, Reset and Recharge.

    “A place where we can partner with other stakeholders because we know no one can do it alone.”
    “The conference where food safety professionals can get cutting edge solutions.”
    “The place to be to meet people, to progress on the challenges we are facing and meet with our suppliers.”
    “There are a lot of learnings I want to take back and share with my teammates!”

What is the GFSI Conference?

Over 1,200 food industry leaders from 50+ countries attend the global GFSI Conference, which has become the meeting place for decision-makers from across the supply chain and around the world, from the private and public sectors alike. Participants share knowledge, strengthen their networks, showcase their learnings and do business.

The GFSI Conference stage features a wide range of hand-picked speakers: renowned experts and academics, CEOs, public authorities, industry leaders, innovators and grassroots players. Their presentations offer insight into the latest science, technology and collaborative tools being leveraged for food safety around the world.

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