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GFSI is the place where the global food community comes together to collaborate on collective concerns. They do so with a shared agreement that food safety is not a competitive issue and that no one company or country can do it alone.

Whether it be those involved in producing, selling and serving food; or those involved in monitoring, certifying and regulating food – they all find unique value in joining forces under the umbrella of GFSI, to benefit from shared expertise and a global network.

Creating Shared Expertise

Since 2000, GFSI has contributed to sharing and building food safety expertise through its multi-stakeholder working groups and sharing ample resources via our website.

Our Technical Working Groups, Local Groups, board and committees give unique opportunities to get involved in multi-stakeholder debates, advance food safety and build professional networks. Over the years, over 150 companies have contributed to those groups and joined the GFSI community.

Strengthening Food Safety Networks

With our diverse global community, we are uniquely positioned to bring together the right people at our local and global events, while providing unparalleled networking opportunities.

The annual GFSI Conference is the opportunity to hear about the latest trends and hot topics in food safety, and globalise your connections.

This event attracts more than 1000 delegates worldwide every year. It offers the opportunity to network with delegates and attend multi-stakeholder and expert sessions engaging the food industry, academia, intergovernmental agencies and the public sector, all gathered to exchange on food safety.

In addition to the global conference, we hold regional Focus Days in various regions. These provide an opportunity to concentrate on the food safety challenges in a particular country and shine light on the benefits of implementing GFSI tools. You can expect to enrich your network and interact with industry peers and local regulators, while learning from leaders and discovering how GFSI tools can benefit you.

The GFSI Conference

Join the industry’s annual rendezvous to advance food safety globally

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