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At GFSI, we have been humbled by the passion and commitment shown by the food safety community in participating in our consultation for the ‘Race to the Top’. This consultation is a vital step in an ambitious programme of modernisation announced at the GFSI Conference 2020. Our goal? To renew trust and confidence in the mechanisms of ensuring safe food for consumers everywhere.


We’d like to thank each and every one of you for taking the time to participate, providing such valuable contributions and offering your support. Collaboration is in our DNA at the CGF, and we take our open stakeholder consultation process extremely seriously. Hearing from stakeholders is essential to ensure the greatest transparency and the most representative input for our collaborative work.


That is why we were delighted to see a tremendous representation across key stakeholder types – from Certification Bodies and Certification Programme Owners, to retailers and manufacturers, regulators, associations and more.


And that is also why we made the decision to painstakingly go through each and every comment raised and do justice to all responses. This has taken more time and we thank you for your patience. We believe this will be beneficial to all in the next phases of GFSI’s work, including those who did not participate in the Consultation.


We are now in the final stages of this work. Please stay tuned for the Consultation Outcomes within the next weeks.

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