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GFSI is inviting all interested stakeholders to comment specifically on four features of a plan ratified by the GFSI Board in February 2020 in Seattle, which will require fundamental changes to the way that GFSI works with its major stakeholders.


The conceptual framework forms part of an ambitious programme of modernisation of GFSI named ‘The Race to the Top’ (RTTT). The RTTT is intended to address the specific challenges GFSI has been facing in relation to trust and confidence in GFSI certification outcomes.


The four specific features of this consultation were shaped with the support of our stakeholders, most specifically the IAF Taskforce [a group comprising representatives from accreditation bodies (ABs) and Certification Bodies (CB)s and Certification Pro-gramme Owners (CPOs)] who provided significant inputs between the GFSI Board meeting in Chengdu in October 2019 and our GFSI Board meeting in Seattle in February 2020.


The purpose of this consultation is to set out in detail the current conceptual framework as approved by the GFSI Board. We are seeking to gain feedback and insights on the framework itself from those stakeholders most impacted.


We welcome any views on how best to implement the proposed framework. We are also hearing stakeholder views as to the interoperability of each of the four features.


How to Participate

Please note that this Consultation is now closed. Be sure to subscribe to GFSI News to be notified of any upcoming Consultations.

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