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GFSI is delighted to announce the opening of another stakeholder consultation, one of the final stages in the benchmarking process against the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements Version 2020.1. BRC Global Standards (BRCGS) submitted four of their Global Standards for re-assessment: Global Standard for Food Safety issue 8, Global Standard for Packaging Materials issue 6, Global Standard for Agents & Brokers issue 2 and Global Standard for Storage and Distribution issue 4. BRCGS has maintained GFSI recognition for many years, extending their scope of recognition as they developed new certification programmes.

“BRCGS is proud of our longstanding relationship with GFSI, and excited to reach this step in the process and to ensure our Global Standards continue to meet benchmarking requirements. Benchmarking by GFSI and accreditation to ISO17065 are key elements of maintaining integrity in our programmes, valued globally by specifiers as part of supply chain assurance and enterprise risk mitigation; and help to ensure BRCGS certification continues to be sought after. Being part of the GFSI-recognised family of Standards is, and will continue to be, part of the BRCGS mark of excellence”, said John Kukoly, Director of Certification Programs, BRCGS.

Why a Stakeholder Consultation
This important step of the GFSI Benchmarking Process ensures its transparency and robustness, inviting interested stakeholders to review and comment on the assessment carried out by GFSI and their independent Benchmark Leaders.

How to Get Involved
To participate, simply download the consultation documents here, and email your questions and comments to gfsibm@theconsumergoodsforum.com by 23rd April 2021.


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