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Today GFSI is issuing an updated position on mitigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on GFSI-recognised audits and certification. This new position is designed to provide clarity on the options available to certified organisations and those seeking certification for the first time, when full onsite audits may not be possible.

The full position can be read here. In summary:

  • Certificates may be extended for a period of six months if the CPO considers this a suitable option for their programme and based on a risk assessment.
  • GFSI issued new Benchmarking Requirements Version 2020.1 to include the use of Information and Communication Technologies in audits.
  • GFSI does not currently recognise fully remote food safety audit solutions.
  • In the event that a certificate remains at risk of lapsing, suppliers and customer(s) should agree on a protocol to assess the risk of maintaining supply chain without the verification of a GFSI-recognised audit.

In this audio statement, GFSI’s Marie-Claude Quentin explains the position in more detail and talks us through the implications and options for food businesses during this period of exceptional circumstances.


GFSI continues to listen to stakeholders and we remain committed to publishing timely updates and announcements in this space. Please feel free to get in touch with us and ensure you are subscribed to receive all our news and updates.


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