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In light of recent data from the WHO on the evolution of the pandemic, travel restriction reports, and their own business insights, the GFSI Steering Committee has made the decision to maintain the GFSI COVID-19 position. This includes the measures established to help businesses and the certification industry mitigate the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic, and the restrictions implemented to control it, have had on auditing activities, certification and ultimately trade.

The position continues to enable certificate extension, based on a risk assessment, for up to six months in those very specific circumstances when the travel restrictions linked to the pandemic impede an audit. The GFSI Steering Committee has been reviewing it regularly since it was first issued in June 2020, to ensure it remains relevant to the current situation, and helpful to the food industry.

Across 2020 and 2021, just shy of all certificates issued against a GFSI-recognised certification programme benefited from an extension, showing the extent to which the pandemic continues to disrupt certification activities.

The GFSI Steering Committee will continue to review this position regularly and we invite you to subscribe to GFSI news to stay updated.

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