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UPDATE: 9th March 2021: Please note that this Consultation is now closed.

GFSI is pleased to announce the first benchmarking consultation against Version 2020.1 of the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements.

We would like to congratulate CanadaGAP on being the first Certification Programme Owner (CPO) to apply for GFSI benchmarking against the new version. Already one of the GFSI-recognised CPOs, CanadaGAP put forward V9 of their programme for assessment against GFSI’s Version 2020, which marks a new generation of recognition. In doing so, CanadaGAP demonstrates leadership in the effort to create alignment across food safety management programmes worldwide and contributes to a collective voluntary effort to raise the bar through continuous improvement.

Stakeholder consultation is an important step in the GFSI benchmarking process, and the antepenultimate step in a stringent approach GFSI leads with CPOs to ensure the greatest transparency and objectivity. This includes a desktop self-assessment review and the office visit led by an independent benchmark leader.

To participate in this consultation, please download and read through the associated documents before sending your comments to gfsibm@theconsumergoodsforum.com.

Fourteen standards are currently progressing through GFSI benchmarking against Version 2020, so stay tuned for upcoming consultations and announcements or check our website at any time to see the status of a benchmarking process.

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