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Successfully Transitioning to a New Model for the Verification of Auditor Competence

We would like to thank all stakeholders who took part in the recent consultation exploring arrangements for a successful transition to the new model of food safety auditor qualification and professional development. 93 respondents took part in the consultation, with a balanced representation of food businesses, certification programme owners (CPOs), certification bodies (CBs) and auditors.

This was the final consultation around the launch of Feature 1 of GFSI’s Race to the Top framework, which is designed to increase recognition of the vital role of auditors in securing safe food for people everywhere.

We understand that the new approach defined in this Feature represents significant changes to the certification ecosystem and as such, we invited interested stakeholders to comment on the proposed mechanisms. We are committed to defining effective transition arrangements to minimise disruption, optimise the transition period and create momentum towards the shared benefits for all stakeholders involved.

In this document, you can find a summary and analysis of respondents’ feedback on each of the key topics addressed in the consultation, including:

  • the overall transitional arrangements,
  • the requirements for Professional Recognition Body (PRBs),
  • the implications for auditors, and
  • the requirements for CPOs.

In the report, we also sum up the conclusion of this analysis into an overall plan for a successful transition. If you are interested to see how stakeholders influenced this final transition plan, you can do so as well. It is a good illustration of how instrumental the consultative process is to our work at GFSI.

The document wraps up with the next steps for Feature 1 along with an invitation to get involved – either by becoming a GFSI-recognised PRB, by joining the pilot monitoring group or becoming a GFSI benchmark leader. To learn more and see how you can participate, please access the report here.

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