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Together with the Mexico Local Group, GFSI’s South Latam Local Group focuses its efforts on improving food safety practices while increasing consumer confidence in food safety by fostering collaboration between retailers and manufacturers and implementing and promoting GFSI’s global objectives and activities in the Latam region.

What We Do

Our Objectives are:

  • to communicate the GFSI vision, objectives and approach to foster a greater understanding and uptake of GFSI approach with relevant local audiences.
  • to be ambassadors and represent GFSI at meetings, conferences and seminars.
  • to build a network with public institutions, academia and other trade associations to share the GFSI approach.
  • to create linkages with public policy makers.
  • to gather and share feedback on the uptake and impact of the GFSI approach within the region.
  • to support the work and decision of the GFSI board by acting as a regional and local relay for communication and implementation of specific projects.
Who is Involved
  • Ana Vera – La Anonima (Co-Chair) 
  • Sergio Riera – McDonald’s (Co-Chair) 
  • Maria Faria – Molinos del Rio (Vice-Chair) 
  • Agustina Karl – AxionLog (Vice-Chair) 
  • Jorge Culasso – Arcor (Steering Committee member) 
  • Hernán Silvio Di Mecola – Bimbo (Steering Committee member)
  • Teresa Senosiain – BRF (Steering Committee member) 
  • Virginia Gentili – Cargill (Steering Committee member) 
  • Alejandro Kafka – Coto (Steering Committee member) 
  • Fabiana Meclazcke – Cencosud (Steering Committee member) 
  • Gustavo Alvarez – Danone (Steering Committee member) 
  • Martín de Ferrari – McCain (Steering Committee member) 
  • Juan Carlos Mecca – Mondelez (Steering Committee member) 
  • Cintia Fantozzi – Nestle (Steering Committee member) 
  • Matias Guerisoli – Alsea (Steering Committee member)
  • Fabiana Guglielmone – Unilever (Steering Committee member) 
  • Julieta Chemicz – Walmart (Steering Committee member) 


  • Massiel Morales – Arcos Dorados Chile (Steering Committee member) 
  • Alvaro Carretero – Axionlog (Steering Committee member) 
  • Marcela Riveiro – Cencosud (Steering Committee member) 
  • Juan Scarpa – Concha y Toro (Steering Committee member) 
  • Carolina Cruz – Dole (Steering Committee member) 
  • Rodrigo Figueroa – Grupo Bimbo (Steering Committee member) 
  • Gaspar Gonzalez – Nestlé (Steering Committee member) 
  • Jaime Labbe – Productos Fernandez (Steering Committee member) 
  • Nelson Barriga – Puratos (Steering Committee member) 
  • Isabel Saray – Agrosuper (Steering Committee member)
  • Enrique González – Giddings Fruit (Steering Committee member)
  • Juan Pablo Gutierrez – SMU (Unimarc) (Steering Committee member) 
  • Erich Jaeger – Walmart (Steering Committee member) 
  • Christina Brasi – Cargill (Brazil team leader) 
  • Mariela Agua Fuenzalida – Arcos Dorados (Brazil team member) 
  • Jose Roberto Goncalves – BRF (Brazil team member) 
  • Maria Luisa Lado – Cencosud (Brazil team member) 
  • Juliana Canellas – Coca-Cola (Brazil team member) 
  • Claudia Martins – Danone (Brazil team member) 
  • Cezari Donizeti – Nestle (Brazil team member) 
  • Karen Watanabe – Mondelez (Brazil team member) 
  • Glaucia Higuti – Brasilgráfica (Brazil team member)
  • Márcia Rossi de Sylvio – Grupo Big (Brazil team member)
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Calle 116 #21-73
Santa Barbara, Usaquén
Bogotá, 110111
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