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Improving Mexico’s Food Safety Practices

GFSI’s Local Group in Mexico was founded in 2012 to improve Mexico’s food safety practices while increasing consumer confidence in food safety by fostering collaboration between retailers and manufacturers and implementing and promoting GFSI’s global objectives and activities in Mexico.

Many leading companies actively contribute to GFSI’s Local Group in Mexico:


Alpura, Alsea, Bachoco, B & G Foods, Coca-Cola of Mexico, Coca-Cola FEMSA, Danone, Grupo BIMBO, KERRY, McDonalds, Nestlé, Pilgrim’s Mexico, Premium Restaurant Brands, OXXO, Sigma Alimentos and Walmart.


The Local Group is composed of four subgroups: Goverment Relations, Capacity Building, Communications and Focus Day.

What We Do

GFSI’s Local Group in Mexico is currently working together with SENASICA (Mexican National Service of Health, Food Safety and Agro-Food Quality) to promote food safety actions in the country. In recent months, remarkable progress has been made in the deployment of the strategic plan for Mexico. Among other things these advances have enabled the group to knit a close relationship with the Mexican government in order to promote the use of GFSI requirements.

Who Is Involved

  • Jose Maria Perez D. -B&G Foods Manufacturing Mexico
  • Norma Patricia Ramírez – Alsea, S.A.B. de C.V.
  • Mauricio Franco Fajer – Pilgrim’s Mexico
  • Jorge Rivas – Walmart Mexico
  • Jorge Enrique Guerrero Bordon – Bimbo
  • Iliana Tinajero – Danone de Mexico (Groupe Danone)
  • Francisco Ibarra – Nestlé
  • Gerardo Cedillo del rio – Bachoco
  • Martha Aurora Viquez Guerrero – Cargill Mexico
  • Anayte Ojeda Villegas – McDonalds Mexico
  • Hector Vilches – Alpura
  • Mariana Duque AXIONLOG MEXICO
  • Stefanny Keller – Costco Mexico
  • Margarito Muñoz – Dole Mexico
  • Itzel Castillo – PepsiCo
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