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“When we think of the future of the food safety ecosystem, what kind of impact can we predict for science and its future applications?” asks David Crean — chair of GFSI’s Science and Technology Advisory Group, former vice president of Mars and a veteran food scientist — in his newly released GFSI Blog guest post. STAG’s first assignment was to try to answer this question, as David and his fellow members will share in a session at the upcoming GFSI Conference.

The STAG panel will be one of many science-focused conversations at this year’s conference. The speaker list brings prominent academics from around the world to the GFSI stage to discuss topics such as recent innovations in food safety science and channels for collaboration between academia and industry.

This year’s speaker list includes prominent academics such as Francisco Diez-Gonzalez, University of Georgia; Lise Korsten, University of Pretoria; Robert Scharff, Ohio State University; Kaye Burgess, Teagasc Food Research Centre; Jeffrey Farber, University of Guelph and David Crean, STRIDE Food R&D Consultancy Ltd. Stay tuned as, in the coming weeks, we will share insights from more speakers you will meet at GFSI 2022.

Read David Crean’s blog post for a preview of the world’s leading conversation on food safety, and join us in Barcelona to hear the rest!

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