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Established 20 years ago, GFSI is modernising. A new Steering Committee will herald a reinvigorated approach to delivering its vision of ‘safe food for consumers everywhere’ an approach that will be further strengthened by aligning with the Governance Model of the GFSI’s parent organisation The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF).

As the CGF Coalition of Action on Food Safety, the GFSI Steering Committee, its Sub Committees, Working Groups and Local Groups will operate to a new Governance Model and Rules of Procedure. This enshrines a new way of working, fit for the future to enable the delivery of GFSI’s three key objectives:

— harmonising and raising standards of food safety certification programmes;
— building food safety capabilities across the global food supply chain; and
— partnering with food safety regulators, NGOs and the wider food industry.

Key features of this new approach include:

— a Steering Committee to replace the GFSI Board;
— a new Code of Ethical Conduct;
— enhanced openness to key GFSI decisions;
— a stakeholder engagement process;
— a formal complaints procedure; and
— an Annual Review and Compliance Report.

The process of appointing a new Steering Committee is underway and is expected to take four weeks. During this time any queries in relation to GFSI activities should be directed to the GFSI Coalition team at: gfsinfo@theconsumergoodsforum.com.

Erica Sheward, GFSI Director and the Coalition Leader, said,This is an exciting time for the GFSI and we look forward to continuing our work with the global food safety community to deliver safe food for consumers everywhere”.

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