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At the March Steering Committee meeting of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which took place in Barcelona in conjunction with the 2022 GFSI Conference, the decision was made to approve the publication of a new scope to the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements version 2020. This new scope covers the provision of services impacting food safety and is the result of two years of work by a group of experts who generously volunteered their time to advance food safety with GFSI.

This addition will ultimately enable providers of Consultancy, Maintenance Contracting, Laundry, Pest Control, Chemical Management, Contract Cleaning, Hygiene Product Management to become certified to a GFSI-recognised certification programme. It improves again GFSI’s cover of all actors of the complex food safety supply system, from farm to stores, and now includes the parallel services so critical to safe and hygienic production conditions.

You can find the new scope, coded as scope H, amongst the full GFSI Benchmarking Requirements version 2020.

We are now calling for potential candidates to apply for GFSI recognition against this brand-new scope. This is an essential step to make GFSI-recognised certification available to providers of the aforementioned services. If your organisation owns a certification programme (or scheme) dedicated to the certification of any of those services, and you would like to benefit from GFSI recognition, please contact us.

We also invite you to follow GFSI news to learn more from the expert authors and contributors on how this scope addition came about and how it was developed using GFSI’s signature collaborative and consultative method.

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