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UPDATE: 27th September 2021: Please note that this we are no longer accepting proposals. 

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), a Coalition of Action from the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), is calling for proposals from interested SaaS providers to support the development of a certificate platform.

GFSI announced in March 2020 the “Race To The Top”, a suite of measures specifically designed to improve the sphere of influence that GFSI had over the entire food safety certification and assurance system, and ultimately help the food industry deliver safe food to people everywhere.

Feature 4 of that Race To The Top commits GFSI to the development of a certificate platform enabling access to certificates of organisations certified to a GFSI-recognised Programme. This platform represents a concerted effort to improve transparency, a critical feature of building trust in GFSI-recognised certification. This platform will enable manufacturers and retailers looking to procure from certified suppliers to do so with ease, and will improve the ability of willing GFSI certified businesses to make themselves visible to the stakeholders they are seeking to engage with.

Whilst continuing conversations with the International Accreditation Forum (IAF), exploring options to partner on using their existing platform iafcertsearch.org, GFSI is also calling for proposals from interested SaaS providers to develop a dedicated CGF platform. At the end of this dual process, GFSI will select the most appropriate and favourable option to the CGF and its members.

Marie-Claude Quentin, Senior Technical Manager for GFSI, says “whilst there are many platforms and IT tools available today, none of them provides the assurance that certificates are issued against a GFSI-recognised Certification Programme. We’re very excited by the opportunity to help all food businesses relying on GFSI-recognised certification find their way in an ever more complex landscape of private certification schemes.”

How to send your proposal
If you would like the opportunity to send a proposal to GFSI, please email gfsinfo@theconsumergoodsforum.com with the following information:

  • Your Company Profile (Describe your organisation’s core businesses, products, services, markets, awards, etc.)
  • A summary of similar Experience & Customer References
  • A completed declaration of interest form
  • A signed Non Disclosure Agreement

Following review of the above information, the GFSI team will contact you and guide you towards submitting a full proposal.

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