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Following the recent publication of GFSI’s response to our consultation on implementing the first phrase of the conceptual framework for ‘The Race to The Top’ (RTTT), GFSI committed to publishing a detailed engagement plan setting out a bold vision for how we deliver open, transparent and frequent interaction and communication with our stakeholder community globally.

The publication of this engagement plan represents a seismic shift in the way GFSI interacts with its vast stakeholder community and is designed to be a transparent consultative process. We would urge you to identify yourself as a stakeholder grouping in the following pages and reflect on how appropriate the engagement mechanisms we are proposing feel to you. We are happy to take feedback and re-shape our vision for engaging with you as appropriate and as resources allow.

Following finalisation of the engagement plan, GFSI will be moving to publish a global engagement policy and an overall generic engagement plan to ensure that all stakeholders are clear about what mechanisms are available to them to engage with GFSI routinely.


What’s Next for the ‘Race to the Top’?

  • Identify yourself as a stakeholder grouping
  • Write to us if you have feedback or questions about the engagement mechanisms we are proposing


Reminder: What the ‘Race to the Top’ Entails

The ‘Race to the Top’ is a whole suite of initiatives designed to drive continuous improvement in the food safety system. It was first announced at the 2020 GFSI Conference in Seattle. GFSI consulted on the first phase of the RTT with the first four features of a wider conceptual framework that responds to recent challenges around trust and confidence in existing mechanisms including third-party certification, audit efficacy and harmonisation.

The framework proposes to enhance GFSI oversight of every aspect of the GFSI ecosystem with the aim of improving trust, transparency and confidence in GFSI-recognised certification and audit outcomes. Additionally, GFSI is seeking to assert its place in the food safety ecosystem to stay true to its roots as a benchmarking and harmonisation organisation responsible for the ‘what’ – not the ‘how’ – of food safety.

The first four fundamental features of the RTTT  were shaped with the support of our stakeholders, comprising representatives from Accreditation Bodies, Certification Bodies, Certification Programme Owners, CGF members and the broader food safety industry who provided significant inputs between the October 2019 and February 2020 GFSI Board Meetings.


You can read the full GFSI Engagement Plan here.


For further information, please contact gfsinfo@theconsumergoodsforum.com.

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