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Members of the GFSI Steering Committee met for the second time as a group earlier this month following a series on onboarding sessions with individual members. The onboarding sessions helped to ensure new members were fully up-to-speed on all things GFSI and a strong foundation for the work to come. This second Steering Committee meeting provided an update on progress around the Race to the Top (RTTT) Framework, next steps for the Global Markets Programme and Local Groups and established who would be supporting which of the respective Sub-Committees.

GFSI Director Erica Sheward began the meeting with an update on the Race to the Top Framework. She reminded the members that the RTTT was about improving trust and confidence in third-party certification and audit quality before speaking more on the four features within the Framework and current areas of focus.

This discussion was followed by one led by Anne Gerardi, the Senior Project Manager at GFSI, who has been leading the GFSI’s work within the Global Markets Programme. Anne provided an update on the public consultation that recently closed. Here she presented the outcomes of the public consultation, a presentation of the pathway ahead and how the plan is going to be tested. More information will be shared on this plan in due course.

The Meeting then focused on the status of the GFSI Local Groups and the call for participation that is being launched for the US/Canada Local Group. Following the publication of the new GFSI Governance Rules, a full review of the Local Groups was conducted, and a new US/Canada Local Group is now in development. Applications to this group are open to any members of the GFSI Coalition of Action who have operations in the region. Members are also welcome to submit applications for the other Local Groups.

The conversation then shifted to the Sub-Committees of the GFSI Steering Committee and the vacant Co-Chair and Vice Co-Chair slots. The GFSI Director informed the Steerco that there were four candidates for the roles and a secret ballot was cast in order to validate the appointment of these candidates. The new Chair and Vice Co-Chair will be announced soon.

Members were then placed into Sub-Committees, based on their requests and GFSI’s needs. The diagram highlights the respective Sub-Committees and their members.

The GFSI Steering Committee includes members of the Coalition all of whom are representatives of CGF member companies, supported by their CEOs, and who are committed to raising the food safety bar and ensuring safe food for people everywhere.

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