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Update 07 January 2024: Please note that this consultation is now closed.


GlobalG.A.P is undergoing the GFSI Benchmarking Process for 2 of its certification programmes and is entering the stakeholder consultation phase today. The deadline for consultation responses is 6 February 2024.

About GlobalG.A.P. IFA-GFS v.6 Certification Programmes

The Integrated Farm Assurance GFS Plants – Principles and Criteria for Fruit and Vegetables – VERSION 6.0 was developed by the industry and for the industry. It provides producers with clarity on market requirements and facilitates a long-term holistic approach to farm-level operations. It should be noted that this standard differs from the Integrated Farm Assurance version 6 Smart (IFA version), which is not GFSI-recognised.



The Integrated Farm Assurance SMART/GFS – Principles and Criteria for Aquaculture – Finfish, Crustaceans, Molluscs, Seaweed – Version 6.0 was developed with participation from a wide range of sector stakeholders. It provides producers with clarity on international requirements for responsible farming and facilitates a long-term holistic approach to primary production operations. It covers a wide range of finfish, crustaceans, molluscs, and seaweed (macroalgae) species.




The certification programmes are designed to operate under product/process certification according to ISO 17065 accreditation and involve third-party audits and certification of single and multisite farms and firms (group certification). Launched in 2022, these 2 editions become obligatory on 1 January 2024. 


Why a Stakeholder Consultation



This important step of the GFSI Benchmarking process ensures its transparency and robustness, inviting interested stakeholders to review and comment on the assessment carried out by GFSI and their independent Benchmark Leaders.


How to Get Involved


To participate, download the consultation documents and email your questions and comments by 6 February 2024.




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