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GFSI has today published Version 7 of its Governance Model and Rules of Procedure (GMRP) document.



The GMRP defines the governing principles for the GFSI Coalition of Action and specifies an annual review to be completed by the Governance Sub-Committee. These latest changes, ratified by the GFSI Steering Committee at their recent meeting on 15th-16th September, are based on an agreed timeline for such reviews and address requests made by members to align certain processes and procedures across all GFSI activities. 

Below is an overview of the main changes made:

  • On diversity and inclusion, GFSI has committed to highest standards of diversity, equity and inclusion in its ways of working and its Committees and Groups’ Governance structure.
  • On stakeholders, the annual review of the stakeholder map and stakeholder satisfaction has been replaced with a requirement for defined stakeholder management plans as part of clear business cases.
  • On voting, a 50% vote for a proposed Steering Committee member has been clarified as not meeting the minimum requirement as this currently states “over 50%” (accept) or “under 50%” (reject). This has also been applied to the re-election of Members, Co-Chairs and Vice-Chairs.
  • On complaints, non-conformance and sanctioning procedures, revisions have been made to include complaints from stakeholders plus non-conformances identified through internal processes and their associated sanctions. 
  • On sub-committees, clarifications have been made on the oversight responsibilities of the Technical and Public-Private Partnerships Sub-Committees.

Version 6 of the GMRP was issued in April 2021 after an extensive revision to reflect the change in structure of the Committees, Working Groups and associated ways of working following GFSI’s transition to a Coalition of Action of The Consumer Goods Forum.

Interested parties can download Version 7 of the GMRP.
Version 7 of the GMRP in Spanish available here

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