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GFSI is launching a consultation for the strategic review of the Global Markets Programme. We encourage all interested stakeholders to participate in shaping the future of GFSI’s food safety capability building programme.

Since its launch in 2008, the Global Markets Programme (GMaP) has been adopted worldwide as a tool to support small and less developed food business operators as they work to build food safety capabilities and access certification to a GFSI-recognised programme.

This consultation follows a detailed evaluation of responses to surveys conducted in the fall of 2020, in which users of the Global Markets Programme (GMaP) were asked for specific feedback. The evaluation results demonstrated that despite the numerous positive aspects of the programme, it is ultimately failing to achieve GFSI’s strategic priority of capability building in target markets.

This consultation addresses the six themes that GFSI believes would reshape the GMaP, enabling it to better meet its outcomes. These themes include:

  1. establishing the basis and the need for change
  2. differentiating the GFSI GMaP from GFSI-recognised certification
  3. exploring the benefits of widening the scopes of the GMaP in line with GFSI benchmarking scopes
  4. enhancing GMaP’s efficacy integrity and ability to meet GFSI capability outcomes
  5. defining the role of GMaP delivery partners
  6. GMaP’s association with the GFSI Brand.

You should participate in this consultation if you are:

  • a Food Business Operator who is using or has used the GMaP
  • a Certification Programme Owner or Certification Body who delivers audits
  • a member of the GMaP Committee or previous GMaP Award Winner
  • a consultant delivering training and/or assessment against the GMaP or an organisation responsible for education and CPD programmes
  • a regulator responsible for the implementation of national food control systems and interested in food safety capability building tools
  • an NGO or IGO engaged in food safety or GFSI activities
  • a trade association or body representing the food industry.

This consultation is a critical part of the strategic review and a key component to GFSI’s efforts to improve trust, transparency, and confidence through our ‘Race to the Top’ framework.

Please read the full consultation document and provide your feedback by completing the online survey, included in the document, before midnight CEST on 2nd April. We also encourage you to circulate this consultation to other relevant stakeholders in your network to ensure we gain maximum feedback.

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