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UPDATE: 12th August 2021: Please note that this Consultation is now closed.

The Global Food Safety initiative (GFSI), a Coalition of Action of The Consumer Goods Forum, is seeking academic experts to join our newly established Science and Technology Advisory Group (STAG).

Food systems are more and more recurrently and severely challenged by food safety issues, and this is likely to accelerate with climate change, and the pressures on our defined resource created by an increasing global population. Only by having food businesses with safe, resilient supply chains can we hope to meet our responsibility to supply safe food. With a vision of safe food for people everywhere, GFSI works tirelessly to improve and harmonise food safety systems. We believe that our decisions must ensure a sustainable future, and this can only be achieved if they are underpinned by robust science.

STAG was introduced to GFSI in March 2021 as part of a series of collaborative enhancements to our governance and operations, and will assume the important responsibility to provide GFSI with an expert, independent outlook on any science and technology developments that may impact GFSI’s food safety activities.

Indeed, new technologies and advances in science promise exciting new capabilities and opportunities. STAG will call on the world’s best experts to provide us and our members with the essential foresight of those trends, enabling GFSI to help define a sustainable future for food safety.

The below provides you more information about the mission and operations of STAG, and, crucially, how to apply to join this group. We will be accepting applications until the 31st July.

Who Can Apply?

Academics, researchers, and other experts are very welcome to apply. They should demonstrate thought leadership and deep knowledge of the areas of relevance to food safety. To ensure diversity of skills and fields, we also welcome applications from experts in the fields of economics and social sciences.

Candidates will be deeply experienced in food safety or experts in new areas of science becoming relevant to food safety discussions. Members of STAG will not be current, full-time employees of a food business, or have significant working relationship with food businesses, which could constitute a conflict of interest.

What’s the STAG Mandate?

STAG mandate, as defined in the GFSI Governance Rules, is “to provide GFSI with an expert, independent outlook on any science and technology developments that may impact food safety. This network of multi-disciplinary experts acts as an objective and highly transparent source and review of the evidence underpinning GFSI’s strategic priorities, decisions, and
activities.” The members of the Group will develop a yearly report for GFSI on their findings and provide interim updates.

What’s the Commitment?

STAG will meet four times a year, of which at least one will be face-to-face. Members are expected to be present and actively involved in the STAG meetings and may be asked to provide material or recommendations between those meetings. A yearly work plan will provide visibility of expected meetings and deadlines for planning purposes. Members of STAG are committed to the GFSI Governance Rules, specifically article IX laying down the rules applicable to STAG, and article XI, GFSI’s Code of Ethical Conduct.

How Can You Apply?
If you wish to apply, please send the following documents to gfsinfo@theconsumergoodsforum.com by the 12th august 2021:

  • An up-to-date CV / resume, including a highlight of your area(s) of expertise, and any relevant research or publications
  • A letter of motivation outlining why you would like to join and what you will bring to the Group
  • A completed “declaration of interest form”
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