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GFSI and the FAIRR Index Celebrate World Food Safety Day: Safe Food Now for a Healthy Tomorrow

GFSI and the FAIRR Initiative are joining forces to celebrate the 3rd World Food Safety Day on 7th June 2021 by co-hosting a webinar to share their insights and learnings on the importance of collaboration to ensure safe food now for a healthy tomorrow.

The FAIRR Initiative was founded five years ago with the intention of providing insightful and impactful data on the risks associated with intensive animal agriculture. Since 2016, the FAIRR Initiative has been helping to drive change in the animal agriculture sector. Working closely with investors, the Initiative produces and analyses data from the world’s largest protein producers and manufacturers to help minimise risks and maximise profits. By providing investors with the tools necessary to address the most material issues, including climate change, food safety, deforestation and water scarcity, FAIRR Initiative is working to shape the future of finance and the global food system.

The webinar will showcase exactly why robust food safety management schemes and the use of GFSI tools are helping to deliver safe food now and are supporting the longer-term objective of a healthy tomorrow by helping drive positive change in the animal agriculture sector. The webinar will:

— highlight the importance of World Food Safety Day;

— present the FAIRR initiative and its work with investors on food safety via the use of GFSI tools;

— highlight the benefits of food safety from an investor’s perspective;

— build the business case for a stronger link between safe food and a strong financial performance, and how you can raise the food safety case to your internal stakeholders; and

— provide insights from members of the GFSI Steering Committee on why this collaboration is key!

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