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What an enjoyable and productive week we had at GFSI in Seattle! While everyone’s time was occupied with meetings and making new connections, there was also a resounding commitment to continuous learning. I was inspired to see our clients and other leaders from across the industry sharing in our passion for delivering safe, high-quality food.

While visiting the AIB International booth, many attendees took the opportunity to demo VirtualInspector as a cutting edge solution to engage the next generation’s workforce. This immersive training simulator empowers users to identify food safety issues in their plant and improve their self-inspection plan. It also encourages learners to engage in interactive scenarios to develop and test their knowledge in order to better understand strengths and vulnerabilities.

We also spoke with delegates about supporting the next generation of their workforce with training on GMPs to ensure the safety of their food products. Our Food Safety Essentials course offers that low-cost, entry-level training. Written by food safety professionals for frontline workers, this course reduces the time spent scheduling and budgeting training with an automated system that instantly records and updates your training  records.

While training that next generation to take on their professional responsibilities, our Assign an Expert service can minimise operational disruption with temporary on-site technical experts. Our experts are available to fill positions for one month or longer and are well-versed in stepping into large complex operations to oversee management, closures and high-risk issues.

We closed the week with Jason Dorsey’s “Developing the Next Generation of Food Safety Professionals” session and discussion with leaders from AIB International, Cargill, SQF Institute and Kansas State University. The resulting conversation was beneficial in providing actionable recommendations that will direct the industry in successfully developing the next generation of food safety leaders.

Now that we’re back to our offices and production facilities, let’s continue that commitment to continuous learning and providing the next generation with the training they need to support the safety and enjoyment of food around the globe.

Contact AIB International at info@aibinternational.com to partner with us to support your organisation’s development of the next generation of food safety leaders.

This post was written and contributed by:

Alfonso Capuchino

Vice President Certification Services

AIB International

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