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Did you know that the world’s population is estimated to approach 10 billion people by 2050? And as the number of people on our planet grows, so too does the global demand for a balanced and nutritious diet.

Current estimates suggest that one-third of the world’s food production is lost or wasted, and the nourishment needed by a growing population is also a target for unwanted biota, including pests, bacteria, mould, and fungi. These contaminants can result in foodborne illness, leading to World Health Organization estimates of 600 million related illnesses and, sadly, 420,000 deaths every year.[1] Unsafe food in low and middle-income countries also leads to lost productivity and medical expenses totalling US$ 110 billion.

This is a global challenge that reinforces the importance of the actions taken by food and beverage organizations and their ingredient sub-components. It is a challenge bringing together the best and brightest minds in our industry to deliver on the promise of safe food for everyone.

Our industry plays a crucial role in ensuring safe food, and not just during production. This begins with building a strong food safety culture where everyone understands their role. And it continues by applying innovation and digital technology that offer deeper, faster insights. During the Ecolab-led panel discussion at the annual GFSI conference in Singapore (April 9-11), we will explore the steps the food industry can take now to achieve the mission of “Safe Food for Everyone”.

Three food industry leaders from the manufacturing and retailing communities will offer their insights during a moderated panel discussion on Tuesday, April 9, from 13:30 – 14:15. These thought leaders will explore the questions that should be on the minds of everyone in our industry. How have food safety programs for manufacturers and retailers changed in the last three years, and how will they change in the next three years? How are new technology, digital technology, and AI being introduced into food safety and quality management plans? How is university research changing to meet the food and nutrition needs of a growing population? The three panellists have also agreed to a lightning round, during which they will offer two actions the food industry can take NOW to help us achieve safe food for everyone.

Ecolab is proud to partner with this year’s GFSI, and we look forward to joining attendees at the 2024 GFSI Conference in Singapore. Visit Ecolab.com/GFSI to learn how we support and collaborate with our partners for people, planet and business health.



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