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The food manufacturing industry is struggling to fill food safety and quality positions. Building your company’s food safety culture is key to attracting, developing and retaining quality talent. AIB International provides the expertise, training and technology to develop the next generation of food safety leaders.


Many companies in the food industry are hungry for new workers.

The unemployment rate in the United States is at 17-year low, while rates of many other countries around the world are also at or near historic lows, with additional jobs being added. This is a good position for workers, but puts many companies in a bind.

This includes companies in the food manufacturing industry, which are struggling to fill food safety and quality positions. Long-serving food safety professionals are retiring, while recent college graduates find little appeal in taking these positions. Salaries aren’t always competitive with industries like tech, the necessary qualifications are increasing, and auditing can have a “bad rap” for being boring. So what does the industry do to more successfully recruit and develop young talent in this environment?

During the “Developing the Next Generation of Food Safety Professionals” session at the 2020 GFSI Conference on Friday, Feb. 28, Jason Dorsey, President of the Center for Generational Kinetics, will examine how the industry can attract desperately needed talent and how leaders can leverage intergenerational dynamics to create a workplace that will engage and retain employees over the long haul. Dorsey will then lead representatives from AIB International, Cargill, Kansas State University and SQF Institute in a discussion focused on actionable recommendations that will direct the industry in successfully developing the next generation of food safety leaders.

A reliable workforce is just one of the key elements of a strong food safety culture. While improvements in workforce supply across the industry are being developed, AIB International is committed to helping companies continue to run smoothly with Assign an Expert. These expert assignments allow companies with temporary position gaps to have them filled quickly by AIB International technical experts.

New technological advancements can also help bridge the gap between demand and manpower. These include VirtualInspector, a new simulated inspection training platform that may help engage younger workers by integrating virtual reality into various industry-specific training scenarios.

Another critical factor to a strong food safety culture is training on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Training engages individuals and keeps them up-to-date on new information. AIB International’s Food Safety Essentials are an important resource for GMP training. We also provide online training, public seminars and private training so employees at all levels of a company understand what GMPs are and can successfully execute in their role in upholding food safety.

Contact AIB International at info@aibinternational.com to learn how we can support your organisation’s development of the next generation of food safety leaders.



This post was written and contributed by:

Alfonso Capuchino

Vice President, Certification Services

AIB International


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