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Many skills, knowledge and behaviours are core and common to all food safety auditors, including those required by the accreditation criteria ISO17021 and ISO22003, and GFSI Benchmarking Requirements. The new proposed approach to benchmarking and harmonisation of Professional Recognition Programmes for food safety auditors offers to establish organisations (Professional Recognition Bodies or “PRBs”) responsible for validating those common competencies. Potential employers and contractors of those food safety auditors may then rely upon the PRB’s registration to verify the auditor is competent, eliminating the need for repeated thorough auditor checks, and allowing focus on CB or CPO specific competence.

As part of this, GFSI has now developed a new set of Benchmarking Requirements that offer to establish PRBs in the sector responsible for validating common competencies in a food safety auditor. The move, informed by an open consultation to gather input from a wide range of stakeholders, means that food manufacturers can rely on this registration and validation to verify the competency of the auditor – eliminating the need for repeated auditor checks.

By harmonising standards across the industry, GFSI hopes to safeguard a vital role within the industry – elevating the accessibility and perception of food safety auditing to be comparable with other well-respected auditing industries such as finance.

GFSI-Recognised PRBs Undergoing Benchmarking

As the new Benchmarking Requirements for Professional Recognition Bodies was only published at the end of 2021, we do not currently have any programmes that have completed the recognition process. Please visit this page to see those who is now undertaking the process.

Apply to become a GFSI-recognised PRB
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