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The number of options within our food and beverage portfolio continues to expand to ensure we are delighting consumers and meeting their needs. At the same time, our food world is more connected than ever and people’s trust in our brands is ever dependent on our company’s ability to deliver every serving of our products with the highest quality and assurance of food safety. This trust was elevated in 2020 thanks to the formidable challenges that Covid-19 posed to food industry supply chains for PepsiCo and the industry as a whole. We have implemented a new, smarter approach to quality and food safety compliance to help ensure and solidify consumer trust. We need to simplify – think smarter – move faster in how we operate. At PepsiCo, we refer to this new approach as Smart Compliance.

To accelerate Smart Compliance, we need to keep a few core principles in mind. At PepsiCo, we are laying the ground work and focusing in on 3 Key Areas.

Simplify how we Operate – Digitalised Programs Through Partnerships

Smart compliance is enabled and accelerated by simplifying and harmonising processes and practices. A necessary component of digitalising an organisation’s activities is to simplify and harmonise similar work across the enterprise, enabled by trusted partnerships. Barriers to simplification include inconsistent approaches, inconsistent ways of managing data and inconsistent ways of
interpreting data. The simplification that arises is a vehicle to a faster, leaner, more agile business.

At PepsiCo, a great example of simplification is our partnership with GFSI stakeholders to develop a system for complete, accurate and timely GFSI data reporting and insights. Our simplified, digitalised, automated approach has eliminated manual data collection of GFSI across all our Sectors and delivered a digitalised platform for reporting and insights.

Think Smarter – One Source of Truth

In today’s rapidly expanding technological world, businesses tend to generate a lot more data. Data  can help an organisation create new growth opportunities, while driving execution of the core with excellence, and building on economies of scale from making, moving and selling. ‘Big data’ has the power to transform decision-making, however, there are numerous challenges that can arise across a global and diversified enterprise. Barriers to integrating and maximising the benefit from disparate big data sets include inconsistent approaches, inconsistent ways of managing data and inconsistent ways of interpreting data. A clear, aligned vision and consistency of approach is required.

As part of PepsiCo’s journey to achieve our vision of Smart Compliance, we have aggressively invested in building an integrated graphical web platform for all food safety and quality compliance programs. The information managed within this platform includes external industry benchmarked GFSI audits. This platform, which internally we call “Lighthouse,” is rapidly becoming the single source of complete and accurate data. A range of executive-level reports and detailed insightful dashboards are generated from this capability, delivering critical business intelligence and proactive actions to improve performance.

Move Faster – Risk Based Approach

Most organisations have multiple programs that generate data-based outputs. By connecting the dots across multiple programs and data sets into an insights-based map, an additional force of intelligence is delivered that cannot be matched by the programs on their own.

At PepsiCo, we have merged the outputs of our individual compliance programs to deliver a suite of integrated advanced reports and insights across our business. For example, we have developed a food safety and quality Heat Map that guides our business to focus on the greatest areas of risk, such as which facility, which program or which element. These new risk-based capabilities have enabled our business to better target our resources to the right areas, to innovate and launch new products faster, to improve overall enterprise performance and minimise risk, including a risk-based frequency of audits. This suite of advanced risk-based reporting gives PepsiCo added foresight to anticipate and mitigate emerging quality and food safety risks.

Smart Compliance framework is enabled by the strong foundations, partnerships and approaches that have been laid down by GFSI over the years. GFSI has been an industry leader in bringing alignment and harmonisation for food safety management practices around the globe.

We have seen at the GFSI 2021 conference just how the GFSI is continuing to advance food safety, consumer trust and smart compliance! Now is definitely the moment for you to Simplify, Think Smarter and Move Faster in how you operate.

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