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PARIS, 12th March 2020 – Travel with the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) from the music- steeped streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina to the colorful markets of Lagos, Nigeria in two new episodes of the GFSI Web Series! This short documentary series showcases small- to medium-sized enterprises that leverage GFSI’s programmes to improve their food safety systems and grow their customer base.


With the generous support of Orkin, the web series visited two winners of the 2019 Global Markets Awards, a selective recognition given to companies that excel in their use of the GFSI’s Global Markets Programme on their path towards certification. Each video places the companies in context to highlight the challenges unique to their setting and the exemplary efforts of their employees and leaders.

In Buenos Aires, viewers meet Javier Torres, Technical Manager at the ingredients supplier Alfa Argentina. The Global Markets Programme translated the company’s passion for quality, which Torres calls innate to the Argentine spirit, into a robust food safety culture that travels beyond their walls to influence their suppliers and customers. Linking with GFSI means “entering into a network of professionals … who are willing to collaborate with any company that is committed to safety,” Torres says.


Across the ocean in Lagos, viewers are welcomed to vibrant Nigeria by Veronica Kalu-Ufe, Quality Assurance Manager and Food Safety Team Leader at Golden Sugar Company. The Global Markets Programme helped Golden Sugar stand out in a crowded national market and meet international standards. Today, Kalu-Ufe is a vocal ambassador for GFSI in Nigeria. “It’s not just about getting certified,” she says. “It’s about making it a culture.”


The new episodes premiered during Plenaries 3 and 4 on 26th and 27th February at the GFSI Conference in Seattle and are now available on GFSI Youtube and at mygfsi.com. Viewers are encouraged to subscribe for upcoming episodes and other updates.


Steve Leavitt, President of Emerging Opportunity Group at Rollins, Inc., parent company of Orkin says, “We are proud to partner with GFSI for the third year in a row, bringing to light the food safety challenges and success stories from around the world. At Orkin, we take food safety seriously and strive to advance our processes and solutions for supply chain across the world. Orkin is committed to staying abreast of the latest developments in food safety science, technology and collaborative tools to help better serve our customers, and GFSI is a great partner and resource in helping us do so.”


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About GFSI

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) brings together key actors in the food industry to collaboratively drive continuous improvement in food safety management systems around the world. With a vision of safe food for consumers everywhere, food industry leaders created GFSI in 2000 to find collaborative solutions to collective concerns, notably to reduce food safety risks, audit duplication and costs while building trust throughout the supply chain. The GFSI community works on a volunteer basis and is composed of the world’s leading food safety experts from retail, manufacturing and food service companies, as well as international organisations, governments, academia and service providers to the global food industry. GFSI is powered by the Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), a global industry network working to support Better Lives Through Better Business. For more information, please visit www.mygfsi.com.


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