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GFSI is opening a new stakeholder consultation as part of the very first benchmarking assessment of the Taiwan Quality Food certification scheme level 1 (version 2); as part of our objective to make our benchmarking process more transparent, we are inviting you to review our assessment of this programme and share your comments and questions with us.

“Taiwan Quality Food Certification Scheme (TQF Certification Scheme) is a product certification standard, established upon food safety and food quality management principles. It is intended to provide a food safety programme that protects the food suppliers’ benefits and interests and reflects the demand for safer food.

TQF Certification Scheme is based on the principle of Good Hygiene Practices and Good Manufacturing Practices for foods, and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point). This programme is designed to strengthen the food safety management system of food manufacturers, and assure food quality, hygiene, and safety. It protects the common rights and interests of consumers and manufacturers and promotes the development of safer food practices.

TQF Certification Scheme aims to connect and harmonise with the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements. By doing this, TQF Certification is expected to gain international recognition within the global food safety community, distribution channels and markets.”

— TQF Leadership Team

Why a Consultation?

Open public consultations are an important step in our GFSI Benchmarking Process to ensure transparency and objectivity. They are conducted after the desktop self-assessment review and the office visit led by an independent benchmark leader.

Please note that this Consultation is now closed. Be sure to subscribe to GFSI News to be notified of any upcoming Consultations.

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