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The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is pleased to open a new stakeholder consultation as part of the assessment of the CNCA-owned China HACCP.

CNCA was the first governmental agency to apply and successfully complete the Technical Equivalence process. 5 years later, the commitment from CNCA and GFSI to this long-term partnership is still very strong, with China HACCP being assessed against version 7 of the GFSI Technical Equivalence Requirements.

The GFSI Technical Equivalence is a programme dedicated to government-owned standards; it is based on the content of the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements and acknowledges the robustness of those standards.

Why a Consultation?

Open stakeholder consultations are an important step in this process to ensure the greatest transparency and objectivity, and are conducted after the desktop self-assessment review and the office visit led by an independent benchmark leader.

How to Participate

Please note that this Consultation is now closed. Be sure to subscribe to GFSI News to be notified of any upcoming Consultations.

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