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True – the 2019 overarching focus on emerging challenges in food safety can be daunting at first glance, but don’t despair! As it turns out, the GFSI Conference is also the perfect place to celebrate food safety successes and share best practice!

For a prime example, look no further than the GFSI Awards, made possible by greenfence, which have already become a conference staple. The awards recognise companies who have leveraged GFSI’s capability building programme in an exemplary way on their journey towards a world-class food safety management system.

And there’s a good reason that capability building makes its way onto the conference agenda each year: each food operation prioritising investment in their food safety management system today is a success towards securing tomorrow’s safe food supply.

For now, let’s take a moment to look back on four success stories that emerged from the 2018 GFSI Awards. The blog posts below come to you from JapanMexicoNigeria and Pakistan.

Tune in to our next update for a special “behind the scenes” look at the Conference Committee, who are busy cooking up some great reasons for you to make the trip to the French Riviera!

22 Weeks to GFSI2019!

What happens between now and then?

  • Sneak peaks into the programme and opportunities for conference goers.
  • A few spoilers.
  • Blog posts from speakers who agree to provide teasers on what they’ll be sharing on the GFSI stage.
  • Some tips on how to curate your conference week.
  • Our suggestions on how to get to know your fellow delegates.
  • Quick dives into top of mind issues that, hopefully, will leave you curious to learn more in Nice.
  • And then, best moments shared from the conference floor daily!

4 Success Stories Emerging from GFSI Awards 2018

GFSC Tokyo 20180307 131331Instilling Collaborative, Employee Participation in Food Safety Culture

I really appreciate the valuable experience of going through the Programme and the experience of attending the 2018 Global Food Safety Conference in Tokyo, where global corporations shared their knowledge and initiatives. I was excited to be a part of the Conference, which further emphasised the importance of elevating our level of food safety management.

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GFSC Tokyo 20180307 131228An African Success Story

Winning the award made a lifetime dream of visiting one of the world’s most beautiful cities became a reality. Participating in the Global Food Safety Conference made our food safety journey step up from compliance monitoring to building a food safety culture where everyone takes responsibility for food safety and pursues it on a daily basis.

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GFSC Tokyo 20180307 131255The Journey of a Mexican Agribusiness 

Traveling to Tokyo gave me the opportunity to network with other industry professionals, service providers, and other companies similar in size and operational complexity from countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria and Japan. Sharing our experiences, vision, plans and doubts allowed for great feedback and served to bring back ideas that will allow Serranas to continue growing and improving.

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GFSC Tokyo 20180307 131240

Transforming Food Safety and Quality in Pakistan

Receiving the award was a very proud moment and recognition of years of hard work for the whole team. The conference itself was excellent, with an impressive list of speakers, who delivered very informative talks in a very engaging way. We learned a number of key concepts which we brought back home and implemented. Another key benefit of attending the conference was being surrounded by exceptional individuals and companies with shared values. GFSI is successfully creating a global community of world-class companies with a shared passion for improving food safety and quality around the world.

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Where next?

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