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GFSI is delighted about the decision of the UN General Assembly to create World Food Safety Day, which will be held every year on 7th June. To support this, GFSI and CODEX partnered during the recent GFSI Conference in Nice to help create momentum among public and private stakeholders to make the first World Food Safety Day a great success.

Safe food is a key component of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and is a prerequisite to economic and social development which cannot occur when there is no access to safe food. The Sustainable Development Goals are instrumental to the GFSI vision of safe food for consumers everywhere. GFSI, by bringing together key actors of the food industry to collaboratively drive continuous improvement in food safety management systems around the world, contributes to the achievement of the Goals.

GFSI 20th Birthday square banner1 500x500pxGFSI warmly welcomes all stakeholders to join us in celebrating two landmark food safety events: GFSI’s 20th Birthday and the first annual World Food Safety Day. You can help us increase awareness of these near-concurrent milestones by participating in a year of collaborative projects, culminating at the GFSI Conference 2020 in Seattle.

GFSI turns 20 in 2020, marking the pinnacle of two decades of food safety advancement. The year-long birthday celebration coincides with the first World Food Safety Day on 7th June 2019, which was established by the UN General Assembly last December.

The new annual event is an opportunity for companies around the world to drive food safety awareness around the official theme of implementation. GFSI has embarked on a partnership with CODEX to promote World Food Safety Day; we agree that economic and social development cannot occur without safe food for consumers everywhere.

To mark both celebrations, we invite stakeholders to offer GFSI a practical “birthday gift”: a demonstration of your ongoing commitment to safe food. This commitment could range from taking a pledge to advance food safety with GFSI tools to achieving certification with a GFSI-recognised programme.

Send us your gifts by tweeting video messages and photos that demonstrate your commitment, making sure to tag @myGFSI and @FAOWHOCodex with the hashtags #WorldFoodSafetyDay and #GFSIbirthday.

We will share a mashup of all contributions on 7th June, then highlight our favourite posts in a “Best Of” showcase at the GFSI Conference in Seattle. Help us make the 2020 Conference a GFSI birthday party of historic proportions!

How to participate

GFSI director

How to Participate

Share your commitment for food safety via video message, photos or quotes! Once you’ve prepared your message, post it on twitter using the hashtags #WorldFoodSafetyDay and #GFSIbirthday. Be sure to tag @myGFSI and @FAOWHOCodex.

Download the guidelines, templates, and visual assets at this link.

Content Guidelines

  • Explain what pledge you are taking to advance food safety with GFSI tools.
  • Share your commitment to obtain certification to a GFSI-recognised certification programme.
  • Announce that you are embarking (or progressing) on the Global Markets Programme.
  • Any why not add a “Happy Birthday GFSI” and a “Happy World Food Safety Day”.
  • Feel free to use the language of your choice, if possible, accompanied by English translation.

Example Topics:

  • Implementation of GFSI approach and tools for safe food for consumers everywhere.
  • Harmonisation, regulation and trade: GFSI as a food safety passport.
  • Certification as a tool for small and large companies alike. Examples of small and medium-sized companies leveraging GFSI-recognised certification to increase market access and ensure food safety.
  • GFSI’s Global Markets Programme as a pathway towards certification through capacity building.
  • Advancing food safety by building a strong Food Safety Culture.
  • Benefits of accredited certification, in honour of World Accreditation Day on 9th June – just two days after World Food Safety Day.

Format Guidelines

For video messages:

  • Short and sweet: under 1 minute.
  • Feel free to use a prop. Why not a sign with #GFSIbirthday or #WorldFoodSafetyDay?
  • No professional equipment is necessary, do not hesitate to film with a smart phone.

For photos:

  • A photo of you and your team? A farm or production facility? A training room? A GFSI Conference experience? We welcome anything that illustrates your commitment for food safety. Feel free to tell us more in the caption or tweet.
  • Minimum 150px, 72 dpi
  • Feel free to use a prop. Why not a sign with #GFSIbirthday or #WorldFoodSafetyDay?

For quotes:

  • 40-60 words
  • Full name, title, company and country.
  • Headshot (minimum 150px, 72 dpi)
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