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Leaders from major retail, manufacturing, primary production and food service operations who make up the GFSI Board of Directors met in Tokyo today ahead of GFSI’s 2018 Global Food Safety Conference.

The 17th edition of the conference is poised to be the largest CGF and GFSI event yet, setting a new record with some 1,200 participants from 52 countries. As GFSI celebrates 18 years of food safety in 2018, this milestone conference serves as a fitting illustration of the growth achieved since GFSI was founded in 2000. More than ever before, GFSI is the industry’s rendezvous for the advancement of food safety globally.

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The individuals serving on the GFSI Board of Directors and the companies they represent dedicate time and resources on a voluntary basis to drive food safety advances for the benefit of the consumer via the Global Food Safety Initiative. They share a common understanding that food safety is a non-competitive issue and an agreement that everyone has a right to safe food.

GFSI Board members span the entire food industry, representing regional and multi-national operations, and come together with GFSI to achieve collaboratively what no one company could do alone. Throughout the year, they work closely alongside the CGF and GFSI team members to pursue the GFSI objectives.

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New technologies, advancing science, the emergence of new players and the rise of e-commerce are creating a highly complex environment for food operators. GFSI has relentlessly focused on following this evolving food industry landscape and meeting new challenges. In fact, GFSI recently welcomed some valuable new additions to its Board of Directors to reflect this, bringing in new leading actors from players such as food service, e-retail, traditional retail, primary production and manufacturing.

The role of the Board is to provide the strategic direction for GFSI in line with key industry needs. To do so, they draw on their own experience as well as a wide stakeholder group, notably that of the annual Stakeholder Meeting alongside the Global Food Safety Conference. The Board also provides the mandates to the GFSI Technical Working Groups and GFSI Local Groups. Audiences at the Global Food Safety Conference will receive an extensive update on the work of GFSI around the world at the GFSI & You session kicking off the conference tomorrow morning.

Today, the Board members include Aeon, Ahold, Amazon, Auchan, BRF, Cargill, Carrefour, The Coca Cola Company, COFCO, Costco, Danone, Dole, McDonalds, METRO Group, Mondelez, Nestlé, New Hope Liuhe, Tesco, Tyson, Walmart and Wegmans. Meet the GFSI Board Members.

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