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GFSI is the star of the show on a recent episode of Food Safety Matters, a podcast produced by the leading industry publication Food Safety Magazine. Tune in for an engaging recap of this year’s conference — highlights, memorable moments and key takeaways — with a teaser for the GFSI Conference 2020 in Seattle.

Listeners will hear a post-conference conversation with Mike Robach, Chair of the GFSI Board of Directors and Lone Jespersen, Chair of the Food Safety Culture Working Group. Mike and Lone, both of whom have been involved in GFSI for over a decade, have watched the conference grow from a modest gathering to a leading annual rendezvous for the global food industry. They trade thoughts about their favourite topics from the talks, including the emerging trend of e-commerce, the Global Markets Programme and GFSI’s projects with government entities around the world. ‘

The episode also includes a teaser from the all-new GFSI Experts Series: an interview with Frank Yiannas, Deputy Commissioner of Food Policy & Response at the US FDA recorded on the ground at the GFSI Conference. In the interview, Frank and explains how he will bring his industry-honed understanding of food safety culture to his new public-sector post. Follow the GFSI Experts Series on Youtube, starting 23rd April, to see the scene behind the interview, plus insights and key takeaways from the world’s top voices in food safety!

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