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After their first appearance at GFSI 2017 in Houston, Tech Talks are back by popular demand at GFSI’s Global Food Safety Conference 2018 in Tokyo. These short sessions provide a break from proceedings in the main auditorium and offer a more relaxed and informal setting for discussion of hot topics in food safety.

As the name implies, each of these presentations have a focus on food safety technology. Experts from across the food industry will share experiences, insights and showcase a new frontier of food safety science and technology.

Be sure to visit the Tech Talks presentation theatre in the Exhibition Area, just opposite the GFSI booth. Here’s what’s in store at the Tech Talks across the conference week. To learn more, have a read of the full conference programme.

TechTalks SquareTuesday 6 March
The Consumer Goods Forum: Data, Content & Relations: The Solution is Not Part of the Problem
GS1 France: Make Food Great Again: How to Build a Proof-based Brand Strategy with Global Traceability Standards
BSI: The Internet of (Food) Things

Wednesday 7 March
Yamato Holdings: Yamato Group as a Partner of Food Logistics
Cubed Laboratories: Nesdep Portable Laboratory (Booth 203)
IFS: IFS Audit Manager– App for Internal Audits
Testo: Lean, Transparent and Compliant: Ensuring Food Safety in the Digital Age

Thursday 8 March
ANSI: IOT in Accreditation

Data, Content & Relations: The Solution is Not Part of the Problem

Take an innovative look at business relations and content exchanged in value networks. Ruediger Hagedorn will present a series of tools and concepts which aim to put companies and executives into a transformative state with regard to problem solving and generating alternative ideas of solution finding. With a background in current working groups at CGF and being closely exposed to new technologies via the E2E Learning Series, this presentation is set to be full of actionable insights.

Ruediger Hagedorn, The Consumer Goods Forum

Make Food Great Again: How to Build a Proof-based Brand Strategy with Global Traceability Standards

Traceability, blockchain, Big Data and AI: this tech talk has it all. Join GS1 France to learn how Terrena, the leading French cooperative, gathering 22,000 farmers and 14,000 employees, relies on GS1 event-based traceability standards to support its ambitious “Nouvelle Agriculture” strategy. Thanks to GS1 standards, Terrena can trace a product along its complete life cycle, enabling real-time consumer transparency and a new kind of product visibility. Learn how GS1 France has built a collaborative traceability platform which fosters interoperability between all stakeholders of the food value chain.

Guillaume Ardillon, Chief Digital Officer, Terrena.
François Deprey, CEO, GS1 France.

The Internet of (Food) Things

Join BSI for a deep dive into IoT and food tech. Food’s relationship with IoT dates back to 1990, when John Romkey connected Sunbeam’s Deluxe Automatic Radiant Control Toaster to the internet. Since then, IoT has gone from something discussed at technical conventions to being a hot topic around boardroom and kitchen tables. IoT brings unlimited opportunity to the food sector. But this isn’t without risk. With security and interoperability challenges, how an IoT programme is realised is just as important as why. Join BSI representatives from the UK and Australia to learn best practices for implementation, including topics like cyber security and partner/supplier selection and how to avoid some of the pitfalls around privacy and legacy infrastructure.

David Horlock, Managing Director APAC, BSI GROUP, Australia
David Mudd, Business Development Director – IOT, BSI, UK

Yamato Group as a Partner of Food Logistics

Yamato Group is one of the largest general logistics companies in Japan and they are deeply connected with food. In this Tech Talk you’ll learn how Yamato Group strives to enrich Japanese food culture distribution through their unique technologies and services. Ikumi Moriya will share experiences, discuss some of the challenges and solutions in ensuring customer satisfaction in food safety logistics and export.

Ikumi Moriya, General Manager, Corporate Strategy and International Business, International Strategy Development Division, YAMATO GLOBAL LOGISTICS JAPAN CO., LTD.

Nesdep Portable Laboratory (Booth 203)

Cubed Labs is changing the face of food testing. What used to take up to ten days is now accurately completed in less than 90 minutes. Join the CEO of Cubed Labs in this enlightening presentation. You’ll discover how their revolutionary DNA-based molecular testing device, NESDEP, can positively impact consumer health whilst saving time and money for food and beverage related companies. This device can be used anywhere with power access, and without the need for specialised training. NESDEP saves time, money and scarce resources. It also reduces the risk of costly, brand damaging recalls.

Les Ivie, CEO, Cubed laboratories, USA

IFS Audit Manager – The App for Internal Audits

Find out how to optimise your internal audits with “IFS Audit Manager”. The objective of IFS certification is to verify whether a manufacturer can produce a product that is safe in accordance with the customer specifications. Join Stephan Tromp, IFS Managing Director to learn how their app simplifies the daily tasks of quality managers and internal audits. The app has numerous benefits including reduced time for typing out notes, the ability to take and annotate photos and distribute information to your colleagues. Furthermore the app provides a corrective action tool to aid in continuous improvement.

Stephan Tromp, IFS Managing Director, International Featured Standards – IFS, Germany

Lean, Transparent and Compliant: Ensuring Food Safety in the Digital Age

Are you always in control of all quality and food safety related processes? How can you gain the transparency you need to answer such a question with a full-hearted “yes”? Today’s technology allows you to take your quality management to a new level. Join Bastian Eichler from Testo in Germany to learn how to automate manual quality checks and to replace paper based documentation with innovative digital tools.

Bastian Eichler, Group Leader Retail Chains, Testo, Germany

IoT in Accreditation

In this this final Tech Talk you’ll learn about ANSI Product Certification Accreditation and its relevance to the food industry. ANSI will share how important the use of IoT technology is in the accreditation process. Such importance resides in its use of remote assessment tools such as augmented reality (AR) and wearable technology. These new technologies will forever change how to assess the competencies of conformity assessment bodies including testing, inspection, and certification bodies.

Reinaldo B. Figueiredo, ANSI – Senior Program Director of Accreditation of Product CAB
Nora Moudiyne-Schweninger, Accreditation Specialist – ANSI Product Certification Accreditation

Technology, innovation and food safety are a winning combination. The line up of topics, plenary sessions, breakouts, special sessions and tech talks is diverse and set to make GFSI’s 2018 conference one of the most engaging to date. We look forward to welcoming you in Tokyo!

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