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The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is seeking food safety professionals and e-commerce experts in the United States and Canada to participate in a new Local Technical Working Group (TWG) on e-commerce and its impact on food safety.

In the wake of the recent rapid growth of e-commerce and on-demand food delivery, there is a clear need to evaluate and assess the food safety risks, regulatory and audit gaps, as well as opportunities for alignment.

With a complex supply chain that can often involve multiple contractors and other service providers delivering food products and prepared foods directly to consumers, it is imperative to get a grasp on responsibilities, liabilities and ways to prevent food fraud, adulteration and abuse.

How Can GFSI Help?

Thanks to its wide multi-sector community, GFSI is uniquely positioned to bring key stakeholders together to collectively address this growing issue, and thanks to its recognition process, GFSI drives harmonization of certification programs on key topics impacting food safety.

Why Join?

Participating in a GFSI Local TWG presents incredible networking opportunities with food safety professionals from a variety of backgrounds while working on emerging food safety concerns. You will benefit from professional development while getting familiar with GFSI, a global leader in food safety.

The Group’s Deliverables

  • Define the risks and define best practices to mitigate them
  • Identify roles and responsibilities between the public and private sector: role of vendors, manufacturers, regulators, delivery
  • Identify gaps in the system
  • Identify and map references from the relevant recognized industry standards / initiatives, best practices from the private sector and existing regulatory practices
  • Look for opportunities for alignment between government and GFSI
  • Identify gaps and opportunities for further review beyond the current scope

Length of Mandate:

12 months (January – December 2019)

Frequency of Meetings and Commitments:

Regular conference calls and / or in-person meetings to be defined by the Local TWG co-chairs

How to Apply for this Working Group?

Positions Available:

A maximum of 13 members will be chosen, comprised of retailers, producers, accreditation bodies / certification bodies, service providers, academics, and regulators.

Selection Criteria:

Successful candidates must have detailed knowledge and experience related to e-commerce and / or at least two of the areas below:

  • Food safety management / hygiene / microbiology
  • Sanitary transport
  • Supply chain management / traceability and recall
  • Cold and hot chain management
  • E-commerce business models
  • Packaging / shipping systems
  • Regulatory perspective on this topic (governmental or non-governmental expertise)


  • Knowledge of previous GFSI projects and TWGs
  • Development of strategy papers and guidelines


Applicants must be employed by an organization that agrees to sponsor their participation in the Local TWG. All costs and expenses for participants participating in all activities of GFSI must be covered by the organizations that they represent. For further information on our rules and procedures, see our Governance Document.

Please note that this Call for Participation is now closed. Be sure to subscribe to GFSI News to be notified of any upcoming opportunities.

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