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GFSI’s 11 benchmarked CPOs address every scope associated with food safety from farm to fork. Some focus on specific scopes, while others, like Safe Quality Food (SQF), cover the entire supply chain in one comprehensive programme. In North America alone, SQF has issued over 7,000 certificates to sites that range from primary production to retail. As Vice President of Technical Affairs LeAnn Chuboff puts it: “If it’s walking or growing, we’ll certify it.”


On today’s penultimate episode of the GFSI Experts Series 2019, we meet LeAnn Chuboff, who has a long history of collaboration with GFSI; she is also Co-Chair of the Stakeholders Advisory Forum for the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements V8. This experience makes her well-placed to explain the synergies between SQF and GFSI. Watch her interview on GFSI Youtube, or read the transcript below.


Can you introduce yourself and your role at SQF?

LeAnn Chuboff: Sure. Thanks for the invitation to talk to you today. My name is LeAnn Chuboff. I’m the Vice President of Technical Affairs at SQF.


What is SQF?

LeAnn: SQF is a GFSI-benchmarked standard. We offer a farm-to-fork solution to food safety certification. That includes everything on the farm, from livestock or produce — if it’s walking or growing, we’ll certify it — and then on through to manufacturing as well as storage, distribution and food packaging. We even have new standards for retail and food
service. So for pretty much all the scopes that GFSI offers, we provide a food safety certification option.


Why did SQF decide to get GFSI-recognised?

LeAnn: The best thing about GFSI is the global part. The Global Food Safety Initiative offers this benchmarking standard process simply because it brings credibility to our programme. It provides us the resources to build a standard that is recognised globally, and we get the expertise of that global standard. GFSI pulls us all together, follows that process and brings credibility and trust with certificates. There are good things and bad things about it, but the great thing is that there’s a process, and that’s what GFSI brings.


What are the benefits of GFSI recognition?

LeAnn: The benefits are the acceptance from the retailers. The retailers trust our certificate because they have trust in GFSI. They have trust in the process. Then, it brings that assurance down to the certificate holders, the sites and the growers, because they understand why our programme is so rigourous. It brings pride and credibility to what they do, and it brings assurances to their certification and their food safety systems.



To learn more about the benefits of GFSI recognition, watch our previous episodes with CPOs including CanadaGAP, FSSC 22000, GLOBALG.A.P. and GAA. Follow #GFSIexperts on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn and subscribe to GFSI News to make sure you do not miss an episode!

What is the GFSI Experts Series?

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