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The Global Markets Programme is a stepwise pathway towards GFSI-recognised certification for companies that lack or wish to improve their food safety systems. Companies that leverage this programme develop effective food safety management systems through a systematic continuous improvement process.

Progression through the Global Markets Programme is facilitated through open-access toolkits that guide companies through three pre-certification stages: Self-Assessment, Basic and Intermediate. The latter two stages involve unaccredited assessments based on food safety systems, good manufacturing or agricultural practices and control of food hazards. After completing the Intermediate level of the programme, companies are ready to apply for certification within a GFSI-recognised CPO.

How to Get Started

To begin your Global Markets Programme journey, please download a free toolkit from the GFSI Library, available in manufacturing and primary production versions. Each toolkit consists of a protocol, a training and competency framework and a complete checklist for the Basic and Intermediate levels.

In order to help companies work through these checklists, we have developed a web portal for the Global Markets Programme with the help of the International Trade Center (ITC). This free online tool helps food businesses learn and adhere to best food safety practices and generate diagnostic profiles that can be shared with business partners and auditing organisations.

Access the Global Markets Toolkits
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