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Thanks to the support of member companies of our GFSI Chile team, GFSI was pleased to participate in the Food Safety Culture Fair, which held its second edition in the Chile’s Maule Region. This participation is under the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that GFSI recently signed with Achipia (Chilean Agency for Food Quality and Safety).

With the participation of more than 150 people among different actors in society such as industry, education, entrepreneurs, training companies, academia, and government entities such as Corfo and Achipia, the Seminar on Food Safety Culture was held in the University of Talca during the morning.

In this seminar, Alejandro Pineda, GFSI Senior Manager Latam, presented the context on the GFSI strategy both globally and in Latin America and invited the public to know the position paper that GFSI recently published on Food Safety Culture.

Likewise, Erich Jaeger, member of the GFSI Chile team and Food Safety Manager at Walmart, presented the local GFSI team in Chile, formed a few months ago, its objectives and action plan started in 2018 and its projection to the 2019, which make part of the three strategic priorities in Latin America: Public-Private Partnerships, Global Markets Programme and Awareness.

After this seminar, during the afternoon, we visited the Food Safety Fair. This fair was developed for the school community of the Maule Region with the participation of approximately 2000 students from different locations in the Region. This activity demonstrates the interest and enthusiasm of the students and motivates us as the GFSI Chile team, to continue establishing communication, dissemination and commitment initiatives in order to achieve an empowered community. The goal is to improve our standards in Food Safety and with this benefit our local and national community. This fair received the support of companies form the GFSI Chile team: Cencosud, Agrosuper, Watts, Walmart, Dole and PF Foods.

As a GFSI Chile team, we want to extend a special thanks to PF Foods, an active member of our team, to Achipia and to the University of Talca, hosting the event, for having invited us to participate and congratulate them for carried it out successfully, which is a sign of the great results of this public-private collaboration.

This post was written and contributed by:

Gaspar González
Quality Management Corporate Specialist,
Nestlé Chile
GFSI South LATAM Local Group Member, Chile Team Steering Committee Member
Henning Nielsen
R&D and Quality Director,
Watts S.A. Chile
GFSI South LATAM Local Group Member, Chile Team Steering Committee Member
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