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Greenfence is incredibly happy to be back sponsoring the Global Markets awards for a fourth year in a row. Since supporting the launch in 2017, Greenfence’s sponsorship has made it possible for many smaller companies to attend the annual GFSI Conference, giving them unprecedented and unparalleled access to global networks, research, enhanced food safety practices and diverse customer connections. Since last year, Greenfence has also been enabling members of the selection committee to attend the conference and meet the winners they selected in person.

With the 2020 Global Markets Awards ahead of us, we are once again seeing the effects of the GFSI message being spread — the awards are acting as a catalyst for organisations to encourage others to act as well. Every year, many organisations are not only submitting applications, but, more importantly, are starting the journey to be certified against one of the GFSI-recognised food safety programmes. “I’m very proud to see how these awards are growing,” said GFSI Chairman Mike Robach during the 2019 awards ceremony in Nice. “Former winners are becoming ambassadors of GFSI in their countries and in their regions.”

While handing out the 2019 awards, Mitch Chait, CEO of Greenfence, addressed the often-overlooked “human side” of the supply chains starting their food safety journey with the Global Markets Programme. “Many of us don’t get to see what goes on in deeper parts of the world,” Chait said. “It’s a big deal to recognise those hard-working communities and people. We see the Global Markets Awards as a unique opportunity for such well-earned recognition.”

With this in mind, Greenfence proudly covered travel and hotel expenses for the award winners, giving them the opportunity to attend the GFSI Conference, where they were invited to the stage to receive their awards and participate in a panel discussion about their Global Markets journeys. The 2019 winners were Golden Sugar Company Ltd from Nigeria, Baillon & CIE from France, Alfa Argentina from Latin America and Ashfaq Brothers Eggs Traders from Pakistan (who were unfortunately not able to attend).

“Winning the 2019 Global Markets Awards, as well as gaining an express, all-paid entry to the conference, was quite fulfilling,” said Veronica Kalu-Ufe, of Golden Sugar Company Ltd, reflecting on the opportunity to attend the conference. “We were extremely excited by the opportunity to meet other food safety experts, share ideas, evaluate our food safety practices and ultimately gain more knowledge to bring back home. At the end of the conference, our expectations were by far exceeded. We not only returned with the winner’s medal but were also exposed to a wealth of material, knowledge and techniques on how to sustain and improve our food safety management system.”

In 2019, Greenfence extended the sponsorship to members of the highly qualified independent selection committee for the first time. Composed of globally- renowned food safety experts, this committee dedicates a huge amount of their time to ensure that companies excelling in their journey towards food safety certification are given the recognition they deserve. In turn, we wanted to give the members of the committee the opportunity to attend the conference and meet the winners in person. This also provided committee member Jean Kamanzi, former FAO Regional Food Safety and Quality Officer for Africa, the chance to present to the audience the criteria by which the committee assessed their 26 applicants. With so many applications meeting these requirements, Jean stressed how difficult it was to select the ultimate winners.

The committee is currently taking the final steps towards their selection of the 2020 award winners. As in previous years, the 2020 awards will be presented by Mike Robach, chair of GFSI , and Mitch Chait, CEO of Greenfence. In Seattle, the ceremony will form part of the Plenary session “Food Safety In Our Connected World.” Let’s meet in Seattle to celebrate the 2020 winners!

This blog was written and contributed by:

Petra Wissenburg
SVP Global Brands

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