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Auditor Competence Framework Publication

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) has published the first edition of the GFSI Food Safety Auditor Competencies .(for download via this link). This framework is a culmination of three years’ work by a multi-disciplinary working group of GFSI stakeholders and practitioners.

In October 2010, the GFSI Board established a Technical Working Group (TWG) to define generic food safety auditor competencies underpinning GFSI benchmarked schemes, and the mechanisms by which they can be assessed and verified. The Auditor Competence TWG met on five occasions between October 2010 and February 2012, and developed a competency model and list of agreed knowledge and skill components that can be applied across all post farm-gate GFSI benchmarked schemes.

In 2012, the GFSI Board decided to formalise the Committee with equal representation from each stakeholder group, and agreed terms of reference. The Auditor Competence Scheme Committee (ACSC) was charged with validating the draft competencies and developing an independent process of competence assessment and credentialing of GFSI scheme auditors. The validation process is now complete and the competencies are now published.

The GFSI food safety auditor competencies are available for use by all GFSI stakeholders. In fact, GFSI encourages their use and review by all sectors of the food industry, public and private, and welcomes feedback on their adequacy and effectiveness.

The ACSC is continuing to work on primary production competencies, and competencies for auditing additional industry scopes (eg brokers, retail) as they become available. The ACSC will also be working to complete the Board mandate – to develop examination and assessment methodologies, and finally a credentialling model for auditors of GFSI benchmarked schemes.


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